This is an async API endpoint which takes message, public keys and signatures and asks server to start generating a ZK Proof for it.

This endpoint returns an id in return which can be used to query proof calldata.


Paramters should be hex encoded

All input parameters should be hex encodings of their little-endian byte representations
without the prefix '0x'

Default values where a single signer has been replicated to create a set of 50 signers have been entered below.

Click 'Try It!' on the console to send a request to the server.

You should expect a response in the form a unique Id, for eg. '4dfe029e-cc19-4cb4-a960-1ce92a3d945f'

You can enter your unique token in the next section after 8 minutes and should expect a response containing proof calldata. Or use the default one provided to try the next section anyway!

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