NEAR DA: ZK Inclusion Proofs

On-Chain ZK Light Clients

For enhancing the security of this model, the light client can be maintained on-chain for the header syncing and inclusion proof verification.NEAR has a ZK Light client (built by Electron) that enables the same. Let's look into that.

ZK Light Client

Light Clients work by tracking the consensus which requires checking validator signatures. However, with NEAR having more than 100 validators, operating a NEAR Light client would require verifying 40+ Ed25519 signatures (for 67% voting power) on Ethereum, which would be prohibitively gas expensive. This is where the ZK Light Client tech by Electron comes in. We can generate ZK-proofs of validity of NEAR light consensus and submit these proofs on-chain instead. This will result in verification gas cost which is several orders of magnitude cheaper than direct on-chain clients.

System Architecture using ZK Light Client

Integrating the ZK Light Client

As part of Electron ZK-bridge , the NEAR ZK Light Client is already deployed on mainnet beta (pending audits). Regular light headers are also sent to keep the on-chain ZK Light Client in sync with NEAR consensus (per epoch as required by NEAR consensus).

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